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Hidden Treasures:

The Earth Chronicles Expeditions
with Zecharia Sitchin

As part of his ongoing research, Zecharia Sitchin planned several expeditions. His goal was to visit specific places around the world to explore civilizations from antiquity.


While planning these trips, he thought it would be a good idea to give interested readers of his books the opportunity to travel along. He made an arrangement with Visions Travel and Tours to put it all together.

There were eleven trips from 1994 to 2000, which became known as “The Earth Chronicles Expeditions”.


Together, with Sitchin, they visited countries including; England, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Mexico, Peru, Syria, and Turkey. The mission of these expeditions was for Sitchin to gather data for his research while giving the group participants a first-hand opportunity to explore and observe these artifacts with their own eyes.


Due to certain restrictions abroad, local tour guides were hired to oversee the groups when visiting sites and museums within each country. However, after the local guides were finished explaining local customs and histories, Sitchin would step in and comment on things the way he understood them to be, based on his global mindset and his ability to piece together various connections from the so-called “mythical” past. 


These Earth Chronicles Expedition videos were made possible by combining various video footage, audio sound clips, and photos taken by group members who went along on the trips. Although the quality of the videos is not like that of a National Geographic documentary, they share real hidden treasures and provide a fascinating record of the day-to-day journey back in time with Zecharia Sitchin.


This first Earth Chronicles Expeditions video is the expedition to Turkey. It covers a range of topics from Troy to the Hittites and includes museum visits where Sitchin explains ancient artifacts. It has been made into four noteworthy parts, approximately one hour each.


The first video in this series begins with a brief introduction by John Cogswell, who was fortunate to travel with Zecharia Sitchin on all eleven of his Earth Chronicles Expeditions.


Turkey Expedition - Part 1

Turkey Expedition - Part 1

Zecharia Sitchin’s Expedition to Turkey - PART 1

This video covers the arrival to Turkey and Zecharia Sitchin’s briefing about legendary Troy. He takes the group to visit Troy, the city whose tale Homer made famous, but which was thought to be a mythical place until it was unearthed by Heinrich Schliemann more than a century ago.
Sitchin examines the various levels of Troy and trace its links to the Mycenaean Greeks and the Hittites of Anatolia. He explains how archaeologists dig up ancient sites and reveals some of the artifacts that were claimed to be found at the site of Troy.

Introduction and opening words in the video are by John Cogswell, who traveled with Zecharia Sitchin on all of the Earth Chronicles Expeditions!


PART 1 of a four-part Earth Chronicles Expedition to Turkey.

(about 1 hr.)


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